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Or draw the reader in by telling a story from your own wedding day and how that experience influences how you work today. Or share a bit about your personality and how that impacts how you work.

Regardless of how you begin, write how you talk in everyday life. And let them know that if they keep reading, they'll learn more about your background, what you value most, and (most importantly) how all that will impact their experience.

Begin by sharing a story about how you're different

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How did you get into this crazy world of weddings? What's interesting about how or why you started your business? Did you study this in college or did you work in a totally unrelated field that impacted what you do now? Tell your story in a way that matters to the reader and how it will impact their day.

Introduce potential couples to your unique story

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"a short testimonial about a past client's experience working with you."

What do you value most in this world? Look back at the list of values you wrote on Exercise 12 and explain how your #1 value impacts how you work and care for your clients.

If you have a hard time writing, consider telling your best friend or spouse about why you do what you do. Record yourself while you do and then write down your own words. Voila!

Highlight a benefit they'll receive that ties back to your story

make a statement that shows you have common ground

Share a few brief facts about each of your team members. Perhaps their expertise or the unique training they've had. Note: These bios may be written in 3rd person.



Share a few brief facts about each of your team members. Perhaps their expertise or the unique training they've had. Duplicate these sections as needed.



SHARE ANOTHER VALUE in this location

Remember to always tie it back to how it will play out in their journey. Start each section with the most important idea you want to get across. And then back it up with 1 or 2 examples of how this plays out on the wedding day or while planning for the celebration.

This is a great spot to share
another top value

The About page is also a great place to share a bit about HOW you work and HOW you’re different. Again, go back to your list of values on Exercise 12 or look at how you’re different in Exercise 13. Oftentimes, what you value impacts how you work and the experience you provide.

As you work your way down the page, express your top 3-5 values - especially if you think they'll mean something to your reader.

Give your reader another example of how they'll benefit from your experience or expertise.

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After you've written each section, read it out loud to make sure it's clear and easy to read. Did you use industry jargon? Are there any confusing parts? Remember: Your client has probably never done this before, so be sure that you've clearly explained any concept using basic, straightforward language.

This is another spot to share how you work

Here's a great place to introduce some intentional personal facts

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Not every buyer type will make it this far down the page. But if they do, we want to give them an easy way to connect. 

Let them know how excited you are to hear from them.