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State what you do or what you provide

This is a great place to address any false beliefs or secondary concerns your couples may have. Look back at the list of common concerns you wrote down during Exercise 4.

Here's a great place to address their second or third biggest concern. For example, photographers often hear couples say they're awkward in front of the camera.

How do you solve that problem for couples you work with?

What kind of experience do
you want couples to have?


Or maybe you share how you work to establish a relationship with them.


Perhaps you can explain how your documentary style naturally solves the problem.


Referencing the above concern, explain how you guide them with prompts.


Share your solution(s) here

katy + sam

"A rave testimonial highlighting how you were able to create an unmatched experience." 

Encourage them that they've found someone who understands what they're feeling, what they want, and has the skills and expertise to provide it.

Share more about what they can expect from you 

Share the process of working together

Let them in on what they can expect after the wedding day is complete.

Step Three


Share something unique or interesting about how you work on their wedding day.

Step Two

Share something they may not know about the process leading up to the big day.

Step One


katy + sam

from a dream client, which helps potential clients see the value of your process.

This can be a longer testimonial that they may have found on the Home or About pages. In general, testimonials can be longer the further into the site and further down the page the potential buyer is reading."

"Insert another over-the-moon testimonial

Introduce your key services

it's finally time to sell

See Exercise 15. Here you want to share both a featured product or service and the benefit it ultimately has for the reader. How does your product or service help the reader get their wish? Why does it really matter? How does it make their wedding day even better?



let's do this ↠

Write out your features in the order they're most requested. This will capture your readers' attention and keep them reading down the page. Also, be sure to describe your features using the same words your buyers use to describe them.

Followed by a statement highlighting another key benefit

Another Feature

let's do this ↠

Write each section starting with an action verb as we've done here. Doing so makes the reader feel like they're being spoken to directly and will help to keep their attention longer.

Replicate this section as many times as needed to highlight your top features.

this section Until you've addressed every key feature


let's do this ↠

Consider listing them toward the bottom of the page. Use the same feature-benefit model we taught you above. And if you need to see examples of feature-benefit statements, check out Exercise 15 of the workbook.


If you have special or add-on services, this is the perfect spot

Do you create custom packages for each client? Do they need to send you a quick note to receive pricing? Or do you have three simple price points that you're ready to share now? Regardless, wait to present your pricing until you get to the bottom of this page. And when you do share it, don't make it big or bold. Just write it in the same color and font as the rest of this section.

End with a question that challenges them to take action. Example: What are you waiting for?

This is where you explain what & how you charge


let's chat ↠

Not every buyer type will make it this far down the page. But if they do, we want to give them an easy way to connect. 

Let them know how excited you are to hear from them.

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